AdPlay is the first product from VMFive’s proprietary virtualization technology. Users can experience "one click demo" on their selected Smartphone Application with no pre-install software and no SDK required!!!



Cross Platform
Time Machine - experience the highlights
Major & Action Game Supported


  • 2014, Jul. FITI, Grand Prize - 2 Million NTD
  • 2014, Aug. IDEAS Show, Grand Prize & CyberAgent Venture Award
  • 2014, Aug. TechCrunch Beijing, Grand Prize & Global Brain Award
  • 2014, Sep. 30 Innovation Demo Show, Grand Prize
  • 2014, Nov. ICT Month Innovative Elite - Golden Award


  • "We are very exciting about the deployment and dissemination of VMFive's technology together in Japan."
  • "We are looking forward to the future with the partnership with VMFive, to bring new value to the market utilizing AdPlay technology"


Our team have multi-national companies and leading start-ups experiences.
With a world-class team in both R&D and business development.

Sam Ding
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Dominique Tu
Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer
Owen Lo
Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer
Shawn Lee
Co-founder & Director of Product Management
Claire Lee
Chief Financial Officer
Jessie Wu
Director of Marketing / Public Relations
Charles Wu
Product / UIUX Designer
Leah Kao
Product Manager
Shedoh Shih
Director of Engineering
Kytu Lin
Director of Product Development
Joey Fang
Software Engineer
Curtis Guo
Software Engineer
Jim Yeh
Software Engineer
Cades Kao
Software Engineer
Richard Chang
Software Engineer


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106 台北市大安區敦化南路二段 105 號 19 樓