Light Up Your Brand
with Innovation

VMFive provides premium video and playable advertising marketplace with innovative solutions for your online branding.

Reach Audience

VMFive help you use intelligent and programmatic way to effectively interact with your audiences.

Modern Mobile Ads

Make your mobile ads beautiful and interactive to catch attention of target audiences from online fragmented medias.

Programmatic Marketplace, AdView and AdPlay

Buy viewable video and playable ads in our private marketplace

Mobile UX

The best user experience for your mobile video and playable ads. Catch your target audience's attention by our high quality ad formats.

Data Insight

Our data tracking and analytics system is the power of driving Programmatic engine.

Programmatic Serving

Target your audiences by programmatic ad serving in cross-media.


100% Transparency and third-party monitoring.
High quality video ads solution

Top View

Top of the page

Full View

Fullscreen before reading

In View - Landscape

Native view within content, non-intrusive

In View - Impressive

Native view within content, with scroller format for attention

InView - Vertical

Full screen within content


High engagement playable ads solution

Play games before download

Experience the game quickly

Excite about user’s next action
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